Al Rohm
USDOT Regulations Specialist
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We Offer Same Day Service on All of Our Filing  Services!
Application for USDOT Number
Fee: $50
Application for Operating Authority
My Fee: $50 + 
FMCSA Fee: $300
   $350 Total
MCS-150 Update
Fee: $25
Name Change
Fee: $25
UCR Filing
Fee: $25
Filing of BOC-3 Form (Process Agents)
Yearly fee of $25 covers all 50 States
Company-Wide Seminars
on Regulations
Conducted by Al Rohm
These personalized seminars are customized with the information that applies to your company, which saves you money!
(prices vary based on the subject of the seminar and the company,
call 302-222-5408 for details)
SAFETY AUDIT - We check a company’s files and records just like the USDOT would.
Time: about 6 hours
Fee: Within 2 hours of Dover, DE $195.
Call for quote if farther away. 
Call Today:
AL ROHM  302-222-5408
Or email:

Sometimes..we need help!




Click Here to ask AL a question.

AL Rohm is "The Reg. Man for the Working Man"

AL Rohm has been recommended by the FMCSA as
a respected consultant
AND references are available upon request.

AL Rohm has worked as a driver
AND presented seminars on the Regulations.

AL Rohm personally filled out log books,
AND designed log books that comply with the

AL Rohm has done his best to read and comply with
the Regulations,
AND has written manuals and study materials to teach
others about the Regulations.

AL Rohm worked for a larger consulting firm
for 8 years,
AND has been on his own since 2003.

AL Rohm believes it's good to ask questions of the
process agent, to deal with someone who has a
well-rounded knowledge of the Regulations, and is not
limited to filling out your BOC-3 forms.

You may find someone cheaper, but remember, you get what you pay for.

We don't want to be the cheapest....we want to be the best.